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Follow the tutorial for easy instructions.  A quick recap. 

  • Enter your profile, including your name and birth date
  • Select your “Marble Life Jar” which gets populated with your lifetime of marbles. 
  •  Every week, a single, beautiful, random, 3D rendered marble is delivered to you. 

o   Project onto your marble what is important to you this week. 

o   See in your marble what you want to see in yourself.

o   Reflect onto your marble the “who” you want to be and the “how” you want to get there.

  • Marvel at your marble. Spin it.  Roll it.  Interact with it, as if it were a real marble. 
  • Your marble of life reflects the fading of time, as your background gradates to a deeper color as the week goes by. 
  •  At any time, see how many marbles you spent. How many marbles remain.
  • Go deeper. 
  • Crack open your marble to discover an inner sanctum that will help you to become a deeper, more appreciative you.  Inside, you can:

o   Get Inspired

o   Journal or Diary your special life moments (i.e. enter daily text entries; take special moment photos; record audio reminders)

o   Set Personal Goals

o   Take Life Action

o   Find Inner Peace. 

o   Go Back in Time.

  •  Open and close your marble throughout the day, throughout the week. 
  • Blarble™ your experiences with your friends, family and Marble Life Community. 
  •  Appreciate your marble and your life’s moments. 
  •  At the end of the week, your marble shakes, prompting you to toss your marble.  Throw it away!
  • Every Saturday morning, receive a new marble.  A new day.  A new experience. A new you!
  • Unlike life, with Marble Life, you can go back in time to Moments Spent (your time capsule). Go back a week, a month, a year, and share your experiences, your weekly marbles, with friends and family.  Choose to share or keep it private.



Take Life Action

Life Action points the way.
Life Action is a weekly reminder to try something new.  Once a week, Marble Life delivers to the Marble Life app a single activity that challenges you to discover a deeper, more meaningful, more appreciative you.  It is a simple exercise that pushes you out of your comfort zone, beyond your self-imposed limits, toward self-discovery. 

Try it.  Incorporate this week’s Life Action into your daily routine.  Perform your Life Action and tap a virtual marble.  Perform the life action again.  Tap another virtual marble.   If your Life Action sparks a unique experience, Blarble™ it.  Blarble your experience to a friend, to your Facebook community, or to the Marble Life Community.

Submissions from our Marble Life community are welcome.
Do you want to submit your very own Life Action? We hope you do.
 If so, send your Life Action submission here.  The Marble Life team will review your Life Action.  If approved, we will add your Life Action to the Marble Life app.  Marble Life users will be exposed to your suggested Life Action point.  You are invited to add your name, initials and City/State.  By submitting your Life Action, you are agreeing to let Marble Life reprint your Life Action to all Marble Life users, along with your Name, Initials and City/State (if provided).

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